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Our team of develoopers will work with you from concept to production until your app goes live. We are not a volume developer, the cliients we select are those that meet certain criteria that aligns with our mission to create social profit and possitive impact. We charge an initial startup fee, which is used to cover initial costs associated with early stages in developing your app. Once your app goes live, there will be a monthly recurring billing in the amont of $100.00 to cover ongoing mainteneance of you app, which would include all updates.

Your company's online presence across multiple platformes helps build your brand. Your brand is a lot more than a logo and/or a tagline - it is an idea and a culture. Your online stratgey will become the means for communicating and connecting with customers, as well as a way to gain customer feedback and recognition.

Your brand also gives you credibility. You can count on us to adhere to these principles to enhance your business processes.